Have You Lost Your Mind to the Tech-Collective?

Resistance of an analog mind in a world gone Borg

DJ Hopkins
3 min readFeb 5, 2024


Graphic by DJ Hopkins using royalty free images from Pexels

My computer likes to play mind games with me.

It changes settings without giving me a heads up, shuts down when I’m not looking, and regularly pulls the old ‘restart while catching some Z’s’ maneuver. Some software and settings even vanish into thin air.

“Couldn’t ask you as you were sleeping, had an order from central command.” — My computer

It’s got this collective hive mentality, like the Borg in Star Trek. I swear it has its own digital agenda. I can’t fully trust it, know what I mean?

It’s not just the computer, either.

The in-built GPS in my car has her moment’s too. I’m not saying she’s plotting against me, but she’s prone to bouts of misinformation: Outdated data, suggesting weird routes, you name it.

I question her like a detective, asking why she’s taking me down the long road when there’s a perfectly good shortcut. I get nothing, though, just the same banal, although polite, voice telling me to ‘turn back where possible.’

It’s sad, the lack of trust in our relationship, I can’t just blindly follow her directions. Sometimes, I have to go old school, switch her off, and trust my gut — or a physical map, if I can get one, which is easier said than done these days!

Technology is taking over already.

There’s all this talk about AI taking over, but I reckon technology’s already got a vendetta against us humans, especially with the younger generation. They’ve already been hijacked by the machines. They just believe everything the computers say and go into error mode when they’re questioned — it’s kind of sad.

I’ve become a real skeptical customer now. When I detect they’re just reading information off a screen, I’m questioning it, having my own reality check.

This is what the system is telling me, therefore it must be right.”

The system info and my reality often clash, though. I’m like Neo in The Matrix after…



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